Limousine Hire for Burlesque Showboat Cruises

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Are you all set to be part of Melbourne’s longest-running Burlesque event for some French flavor this July 15th? A touch of French colors is all you need to turn up in to show your excitement at the fun-filled evening of entertainment and fine food.

Taking inspiration from the French flag, add a kiss of blue, red, and white tones to don the French colors and you are all set to rock the party. Or go a step further – think berets or baguettes to truly reflect the French chic, and you are set to rock the dock in a delightfully decadent and slightly wicked atmosphere, with wickedly entertaining women and live artists performing cabaret and wicked comedy on the upper deck of the Lady Cutler. The fun and excitement begins as soon as you arrive on the dock – just right in time to board the beautiful Melbourne Burlesque Showboat!

Guaranteed Timely Arrival

hire the best limousine in MelbourneYes, timely arrival will guarantee you a warm greeting by the captain! How cool is that! But how do you ensure this? Well, and get a guarantee of timely arrival at the dock, so you never have to miss out on all the fun and entertainment that await you at the Burlesque Showboat Cruise. Feel like celebrities as you board the limo and take the ride of your life in the most reliable luxury transportation service in Melbourne.

With the right limousine services, you are rest assured a comfortable, relaxing, and entertaining journey and an arrival in style to the special event, where all the fun is waiting to break open. 

Arrive just in time, and the staff would give you a delightful welcome with a glass of champagne. Could you get a better greeting elsewhere? But this is just the beginning of an entertaining 3.5-hour-long journey, with hot and cold canapés served throughout the event! Step aboard the Lady Cutler and surround yourself with all the excitement that will literally take your breath away.

Unlock the Excitement

The slightly naughty Burlesque Showboat is an unusual river cruise that promises you an experience of a lifetime, with a decadent night of visually stunning artistry and lavish live entertainment.

The Burlesque Showboat has been an integral part of the Melbourne events since 2011, cruising the city harbor to give you awe-inspiring Kodak moments to click and enjoy for a lifetime. Surrounding the mesmerizing Melbourne that sparkles in the darkness of night, the Lady Cutler cruises amid some spectacular sights that are certain to leave you spellbound.

Enjoy every single moment of your 3.5-hour-long journey as the Lady Cutler cruises the harbor, dancing to the tunes of the music playing in the background or just finding yourself lost in the glamour, glitz, & tease of the Burlesque Show. 

What are you waiting for?

You are just a step away from the excitement! Hire the best limousine in Melbourne and embark on a mesmerizing journey you have always dreamed of! It can’t get better than this!

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